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Divine Inspiration

In a recent Mariners Church Arts Gathering, we connected, we collaborated, and we created as we pondered the idea of partnering with the Holy Spirit in our lives and in our craft. What does it look like when we partner with the Holy Spirit? How does it change things? To answer these questions, look to just a few of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit.

- The Holy Spirit will guide to truth

- The Holy Spirit is a helper

- The Holy Spirit is an intercessor

- The Holy Spirit is counselor

These are just a few of the characteristics of the Holy Spirit, yet even with just a few to ponder, they are life changing. To bring these truths to light at the Art Gathering, I spoke on two experiences in my life as an artist. As a theatre artist, I have fumbled about in the darkness trying to find my way. In these moments it was confusing and chaotic.

As a theatre director I love strategic lighting that helps to tell the story. In strategic lighting, the story is told through the light. In strategic lighting the stage is full of depth and dimensions with the light. In strategic lighting, the audience and the actor can see where they are going. In strategic lighting, the lighting designer and director are guiding you where to look, or where to be on the stage if you are the performer. It is clear!

The darkness reminds me of the times in life when I have been left to my own thoughts. When I have tried to do it on my own. The times when I look to my own understanding.

The light story reminds me of the times when I have looked to the Holy Spirit. There is a peace, even in the darkness. There is a clarity. The Holy Spirit is our guide to truth.

Our arts gathering included 72 artists, gathered together, centering their experience that night on partnering with the Holy Spirit. The above video is just a glimpse into the beauty of the night.



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