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Angela O'Neill is a an artist, singer, author, spoken word performer, gifted teacher, courageous speaker and, most importantly, a woman with her arms wide open to anyone to share the love of Jesus to as many people as possible. 


Using her talents as a storyteller, Angela has spent more than 10 years discovering her own purpose to create a place where God's word and the stories of the Bible can be told through a variety of creative outlets. ​ Through sharing her own personal story, various original works and musical performances on a multitude of stages, Angela has created a platform where she is able to communicate an original message that points people to Jesus. Angela is currently finishing her first book Unspoken Word: One Moment With Jesus Changes Everything, a dramatic look into 12 people from the Bible who physically encountered Jesus and the impact of that moment. 


Born and raised in Southern California, Angela graciously shares her Italian roots of hospitality and great food with anyone who walks into her home. She and her husband Jon currently live in Irvine, California with their fun-loving puppy Molly.

How Angela has used her creativity and storytelling ...

  • Mariners Church Arts Ministry Director

  • Retreat Speaker

  • Spoken Word Performer

  • Releasing her first book in 2024

  • MomCo (Mops Speaker)

  • Director of Fine Arts at Crossroads Christian Schools for 8 Years

  • Writer and creative director of original dramas featured at Mariners Church (2019 - Current)

  • Worship leader and performer at a variety of conferences and churches

  • Motivational speaker for youth and women's ministry events

  • Author and director of the original play In Progress

  • Content creator and artistic lead for special events

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