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And Remember That All You Need, is the Faith of a Mustard Seed

This song was a mustard seed moment for me personally. I was not sure how it was going to happen. I had never written a song solo before. I felt unqualified, vulnerable, and unsure. So I sat at my desk and felt that scripture needed to be the base of the song. Use the words of scripture, and God revealed beautiful words. Then the words came together. Suddenly I was writing about my writing moment. You see I had about the faith of a mustard seed to write this song. What I realized in this moment was, it It's not me who will move the mountain, it is my all powerful God. Somehow words came together forming lyrics and the lyrics formed a melody. I sang the melody with no music behind, and Evan Human took it to the next level, making the flow and instrumentals. These parables over this entire series can be summed up in the lyrics, which come from scripture " He showed grace and compassion, healed the people on the streets." Jesus came relationally. He cares for each of us individually. He cares so much that He did not just tell people do this do this, or never mind I'll take care of it. He stopped, heard their stories, and also told them stories. He took time with people. "So remember that all you need, is the faith of a mustard seed."


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