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Our Father

Our Father, who art in Heaven

The Father of all

He is near not farther

No matter how far He may feel

He is there

He is real

And though I can't see Him with my eyes

He is right here by my side

Never leaves or forsakes

Always present

He loves me, yes, even if I make a mistake

He's the Father of all

How could he care about me when I am so small?

Compared to the vastness of it all

But the truth is, He always hears my call

In my weakness, in pain

In joy and delight

My God, my Father

He is there, He is my might

So when these truths are forgotten

When I feel lost in my thoughts

Remember this part of His creation

And let this be the truth that transforms my thoughts

The wind!

Think of how it feels

It's cool embrace

It's refreshing

It's relaxing

It's calming in a dry and heated place

You know it's there

There's no question of that

This invisible creation

You can feel it

Feel it touch your skin with it's gentle kiss

Hear it sing it's song, with joy filled bliss

Watch it as it makes the trees dance as it makes its beautiful entrance.

And While we can't see the wind, we see the effects of the wind

This is like God

We can't see Him

But we can see His effects

We can feel His embrace

And when you feel alone, seek Him and know He is in this place.

Look up and see His beautiful creation

Listen for His still small voice

Feel His peace in all situations

Believe He loves you! And with that choice

Let voice of doubt that can easily take root

Be overtaken by the truth!



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