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The Wisemen Left Right Story

Christmas is a wonderful time for family and friends to gather together create memories, eat lots of food, enjoy old traditions, create new traditions, and exchange gifts. And while all of these are wonderful things, the true meaning of Christmas, the reason for the season is Jesus! Jesus, Immanuel God with us, came to earth. God with us entered the world as a newborn baby, born amongst the hustle and bustle of a census. His parents ordinary and perhaps even unexpected. It is a beautiful story of love!

This year as you exchange gifts, I invite you to start a new tradition. This can be done with one gift or each person can bring a gift. Gather in a circle and assign one person to be the storyteller. This is the story of the wisemen seeking the star and finding the greatest gift of all. Each time the storyteller says the word right or left, pass the gift(s) in the stated directions. When the story is over, open the gift(s).

My hope for you and your family is that amongst the fun there is a time of reflection as the Christmas story is told. Perhaps after the game you can even stop and ask some questions. What did you hear? What do you think it would have been like to be the wisemen? What does the Christmas story mean for all of us?

So Merry Christmas to you all! As you open presents this year, may you reflect on the presence of Jesus, Immanuel God with us!

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Wisemen Right Left

By: Angela O’Neill

Come gather together right here right now. 

Let me tell you this story of wisemen and a star

They left on a journey

They followed right after a star

Knowing it was the right way

No matter if it left them journeying far far away

So let us leave right away

Follow their steps left and right

And see just what they found

Right there

On that blessed night

Some would call them wisemen

And they would be right

Some will call them magi 

Who left to follow the star that night

So right here right now

What is left to say

I think we should know who we are speaking of right here today

The magi, the wiseman

That is a right description

They left from the East

Followed the one right star

A star that carried a story that had been left for them, was now right in their sight

Imagine the awe left right there in their hearts

As they saw this star they had heard of 

right in front of them that night

RIght now their journey starts

So they followed this star

They left for the journey

Right then do you think they knew 

How their lives would be left

How their hearts would right there be changed

Left in awe at what would be right before them

They journeyed and journeyed

Followed left and then right

Eventually they found themselves 

Right there in the palace of Herod

Left with him 

To talk of the star

Right there, in front of them that night

Herod feared what this all might mean

Would he be left throneless

So with a hidden agenda

He told the wisemen

To continue right on their journey

Find this baby king

So they left

They followed the star

To a young Jesus 

This child king

Right there

Under the star

Left in awe and wondering

Did they know when they left

That this would lead them right to 

The king of kings

When they saw him, right there

They adored this young child king

They offered gifts

Left them right there for him

And while they were right there

They simply adored him

Now these wisemen were smart

After all, they are wise, RIght?

And they knew not to go the same way home that night. 

When the left they left a different way

So as not to lead Herod the king to the baby the right way that night

So what can we learn from what these wisemen left

Seek this treasure Jesus

He is all that is right

He is all that is good

So today and everyday right where you are

Come adore this king

Who left heaven

God with us

The treasure 

They found, when they left on a journey 

Followed the star right where it shone bright

Which led them right to the king of kings

Left them in awe that night. 


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